Meet Lisa & Eileen

“… if you teach a woman how to manage her finances, she will not only learn but she will teach her children and then help her parents. Empower a woman and you have just empowered all the people that the women take care of.”

At  Women Wealth & Wisdom, we are financial professionals who want, more than anything, to be a resource to our clients. We want them to have access to the answers they need to accomplish their financial goals.  

The key is not to just tell women (or men) what to do. The key to truly helping people create a financial plan that works is to educate them.

“ The reason people stick their heads in the sand when it comes to finances is they are overwhelmed. No one has given them the information and tools they need to break apart the financial planning process.”

Our core philosophy is to be a resource, to give you the tools you need to understand your finances better. When you’re ready, we take you through the steps of sound financial planning. 

Five steps to financial planning

  • ·         cash management
  • ·         risk management
  • ·         planning for home and college education
  • ·         retirement planning
  • ·         transfer of assets to the next generation.

In addition, we encourage a user friendly budget form to help you see where your money is going. Then, when you've taken a full account of your financial situation and understand your priorities, you'll be able to set meaningful goals. It’s that simple. 

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